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About 1st Call Services

1st Call Services Inc. is a logistics company that specializes in the movement of freight throughout The North East. We have continued to develop our services to meet your ever changing industry needs.

Our people, our pride and our service differentiates us in this very competitive market place. We strive to be the very best in the industry and provide customer service that is second to none.

Our Team

George Mooney

George Mooney co-founder of 1st Call Services Inc. has been involved in the transportation industry for over 40 years. Born in Brooklyn, NY Mr. Mooney attended NYC Public Schools, where he graduated from Christopher Robin High School. He briefly attended Pace College in NYC and studied abroad at the University of Americas in Puebla Mexico. From this experience Mr. Mooney has become fluent in Spanish and is bi-lingual. He has gained immense experience and knowledge in the field, from his early beginnings as a NYC Tax driver, a limousine operator for 10 years and as a Senior Operations Manager at FedEx for both their air and ground operations. He is very knowledgeable with the on-demand and distribution facets of the business. Warehousing and cross-dock operations are also in his realm of experience.

Rolando Remigio

Rolando Remigio co-founder of 1st Call Services Inc. has over 27 years experience in the transportation industry. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the city of New York, he attended Hill Crest High School in Jamaica Queens, NY where he graduated with honors. He later attended St. John’s University and Brooklyn Technical College. Mr. Remigio is fluent in both English and Spanish. From an early age he possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. As a college student he started two retail enterprises, which he sold at profit. During the past dozen years Mr. Remigio has risen from the ranks of a route driver to a facility manager for a major transportation company. He has handled major accounts such as Avon and Cardinal Health. His strengths lie not only in logistics but also in customer service and problem resolution. Mr. Remigio is dedicated and committed to keeping the customer satisfied to ensure the continued growth of 1st Call Services Inc.